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Thank you  for making 
this material available 
at such a reasonable 

If you put together a 
second package like 
this one, I'll certainly be interested.

John in Texas


Hi Dan,

Thanks so much this is 
exactly what I have been 
looking for. I have been 
playing rhythm guitar and
singing for over 20 years 
but never learned to pick. 

These files should set me 
well on my way to being 
able to improvise my own 

Scott in Canada



















Hello and thank you for stopping by!

The goal of this section is to allow you to acquire a large selection of  licks and solo ideas so you can have  the tools needed to build your own hard driving bluegrass solos for bluegrass songs. 

The one thing I have noticed missing in  the HUGE world of Flatpicking and Bluegrass instruction is how to build solos for bluegrass songs. You can find/purchase countless ways to play fiddle tunes and instrumentals but after your fifteenth version of Blackberry Blossom, wouldn't it be great to figure our how to play a great hard drivin solo for Blue Ridge Cabin Home, Nine Pound Hammer, Rollin In My Sweet Babies Arms and more?

Well now you can!

For only $9.00 (US) you will get the following tablature in PDF and TablEdit format as well as Jam Tracks for each!

Here is what else you will get for your $9.00.

Song Title Number of Solos  TablEdit Tablature PDF Version Jam Track 
Jam Track 
Jam Track 
On & On Five(5)   Sample Tab Sample PDF YES Sample Jam Track YES
If I Should Wander Back Tonight Two(2)   YES YES YES YES YES
Rolling in my Sweet Babies Arms Four(4)   YES YES YES YES YES
Nine Pound Hammer Four(4)   YES YES YES YES YES
Blue Ridge Cabin Home Three(3)   YES YES YES YES YES
G - C- G - D Progression Four(4)   YES YES YES YES YES


As an additional bonus you will get a link to my special lessons section on

*   Good Practice Habits.
*   Basic Bluegrass Guitar Rhythm.
*   Nashville Number Charts.
*   "CAGED" Flatpicking for Bluegrass Guitar
*   Bluegrass Guitar Chords


That's right. For Only 9.00(US) you will get 22 original solos and 18 Full Band Jam Tracks at Slow, Medium and Fast tempos.  

Here is a sample of what you will get:

On & On Solo1
On & On Solo2
On & On Solo3
On & On Sample Tab
On & On Sample PDF
On & On Sample Jam Track

So here is all you have to do.

Use the PayPal button below to send me $9.00(US)

Click Here to download the FREE TablEdit Viewer.

You will then receive an email with a Zip File containing all the music, tabs and special lessons section and tabs listed above as well as the userid /password to down load them if you dont like Zip Files.






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This issue featured a 
great write up of my 
CD "A different Story 
to Tell"

This issue featured 
my Tab for Big Sciota.












Bluegrass Guitar Lessons - Bluegrass Guitar Solos - Bluegrass Guitar Licks