Bluegrass Guitar Lessons Flatpicking Bluegrass Guitar Player Dan Geib provides free flatpicking tabs for flatpicking guitar lessons and bluegrass guitar lessons. Dan Gibe is a flatpicking bluegrass guitar player for hire and has been featured in Flatpicking Guitar Magazine. I need to hire a bluegrass guitarist  Bluegrass Guitarist needed Bluegrass Guitarist wanted i need to hire a bluegrass guitar player to provide bluegrass guitar lesssons and flatpicking guitar lessons as well as flatpicking tabs and bluegrass tabs
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"Hand Forged Free Tablature for the Flatpicking Fun of it!"

I want to  thank Dan Miller and Flatpicking Guitar Magazine for featuring my tab for "I'll Say Goodbye to You" and their fine 
write up on my new CD with The Art Gomperz Band!

"Danís guitar work is all over this disc and it is solid throughout. He demonstrates the ability to play to the style of each tune.  
I encourage you to catch one of the shows and pick up a
 copy of the CD." "This CD is Highly Recommended"  
Dan Miller - Flatpicking Guitar Magazine 
(click here for the FPG Article)

Hi Dan,
Finally had a chance to hear your recording of "Spanish Grass" this morning. Great job! It really makes a great guitar 
instrumental, and I appreciate you deciding to
include it in your list of material.  Mike Auldridge

Click Here for my version of Mike's  great tune "Spanish Grass"

Click Here for my original Banjo/Flatpicking instrumental "Court In Session" 


Spanning centuries and generations,
With over 30 years of experience I've been touring  the countryside with many bands doing our own unique blend of bluegrass and acoustic Americana. With deep roots in Bluegrass, County, Alternative Acoustic my music spans  hard driving Bluegrass Banjo  and Guitar to today's New Age Bluegrass, Swing  and Acoustic Rock.. Over the years, Im proud to say I've  shared the stage with such great acts as: Drew Emmitt, Steep Canyon Rangers, Corn Meal, Pure Prairie League, Commander Cody,  Peter Rowan and the Dillards.


  Well Seasoned Flatpicking Bluegrass Guitarist & Banjo Playerr
Available for bookings, studio work, fill-in and new band opportunities

Contact Dan
CLICK HERE to send email or call 269-325-7070 and leave a message

BIG THANKS to Dan Geib for stepping up to the guitar role with the David Thom Band 
last week while we were in Michigan! Your enthusiasm and hard work are extremely 
appreciated.  We hope to see you soon
CD I recorded, produced and performed with The Art Gomperz Band

Nominated IMA Americana Song of the Year!
European Country Music Association (E.C.M.A.) Charts

#2 Norway #3Belgium #3Italy #5France






Don't Worry 

Nominated IMA 
Song of the Year!

FREE Tablature - MP3s - Videos

Providing FREE Lessons, Tablature and my interpretations of Solos, Styles & Techniques.
Please enjoy these free hand made tabs that I have been working on for over 20 years. These are not copies of songs that have already been tabbed elsewhere. These are my personal solos and hand forged interpretations using pencil, pen and now Tabledit format!. While being a single parent for 18 years, I found myself spending a lot of time late at night learning to flatpick and interpreting solos of some of Flatpicking's greatest players. My tab interpretations of others' solos are not identical to theirs, nor are they intended to be. They are my interpretations. I have learned over the years that learning other guitarists solos and style helps one develop their own personal styles. Anyway, I figure I have all these tabs of piled up in my basement and they aint doing anyone any good collecting dust, so I figure since I spent all this time writing them down, I might as well put them up online and share the knowledge

Featured Guitarist Solos played by me in the styles of :
Josh Williams - Andy Falco - Vince Gill - Wyatt Rice - Tony Rice - Bryan Sutton - James Nash - Rebeccah  Frasier - Billy Strings - Charlie Cushman

My Newest Tabs & Solos

EMD - MP3-Tabs  
ew Camptown Races - MP3-Tabs  
Nine Pound Hammer - MP3-Tabs  
Take Me Back to Tulsa  - MP3-Tabs
Dark Hallow     - MP3-Tabs
Spanish Grass   - MP3-Tabs
Dixie Hoedown     - MP3-Tabs
On and On - MP3-Tabs  
Court in Session - MP3-Tabs
Cherokee Shuffle - MP3-Tabs  
Dont Worry Any More  - MP3-Tabs
Lonesome Fiddle Blues  - MP3-Tabs




* All of Me-
* Banjo Signal
* Big Sciota
* Billy in the LG
* Black Mt Rag
* Blackberry Blossom
* Bye Bye Blues
* Dailey's Reel
* Daves Place
* Earls with a B
* Faultline

* Florida Blues
* Foggy Mt Rock
* Handful of Licks
* Indian Hills
* Last Steam Engine  
* Laurel Canyon

* Licks Off Of Records Breakdown
* Licks & Scales
Nellas Dance
* Rainbow Bridge




* Santa Cruz Breakdown

* Shenendoah Breakdown
* Saturday Night Ramble

* Scrapple From The Apple
* St Annes Reel
* Texas Tune
* Up Around The Bend
* Whitewater
Windy & Warm


* Chance to Make Things Right
* Aint Going to Work Tomorrow
* Blue is the Color
* Beg you Darlin Not to Cry
* Good Ole American Guest
* Carolina in the Pines
* Carolina I'm Coming Home
* Give me the Highway
* Head Over Heals
* Rose of Ole Kentucky
* Walkin The Dog
You Got To Play it Straight
* Reasons Enough





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 Along with many of my own solos you will also find some tablature interpretations that I have tabbed out in the styles of my favorite guitarists: Andy Falco  - Josh Williams - Cody Kilby -   Tony Rice - Wyatt Rice - Bryan Sutton - Doc Watson - Pat Flynn - James Nash - Jeff Autry - Eric Thompson - Brad Davis - Jack Lawrence - Vince Gill  - Gary Cook - Dan Crary - Russ Barenburg - Trevor Watson  - Trey Hensley - Jamie Clifton - Darrell Webb  Dan Gibe Dan Geib

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I need to hire a bluegrass guitarist  Bluegrass Guitarist needed Bluegrass Guitarist wanted i need to hire a bluegrass guitar player

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